Sunday, January 26, 2014

Make it Monday Challenge -Papertrey Ink

Hi again.

I told you I would be back again soon.  Two posts in one day, that must be a record for me.

I thought while I had my PTI supplies out, I would play along with the weekly challenge.  This week you had to include glittered embellishments.

Now anyone that knows me well, knows that the word glitter sends me into a tail spin.  I don't like to use it, and avoid it generally at all costs.

You see I am one of those people that manages to get it everywhere. In my hair, on my clothes, over my face. And it just sticks to me.  No matter how many times I wash myself, I will still have glitter on me weeks later. 

Sorry I digress.  I decided to pull on my big girl panties, pull out the JAC paper and glitter and make some embellishments.

Here is the final result.

I really love the little elephant and giraffe, even if they are covered in glitter.  You may be wondering if I managed to get over my glitter phobia...well the answer is no.  The glitter has returned to the shelf, where I am sure it will sit lonely and unused for another long period of time.  Don't feel sorry for the glitter, it has definitely left a mark on me, in my hair, on my clothes and all over my face.

Until next time


Kristii said...

What a fun card!! Love, love, love the bright glittery animals!!

Helen F. said...

Adorable little animals ~ lovin all the glitter, Renee :-)