Sunday, January 31, 2010

Molly Mannequin.

Meet Molly Mannequin.

Molly has been a friend of mine for a couple of years. She has loyally sat in my craft room watching me work. Today Molly is a bit sad. Her little girl starts big school tomorrow. When she was ironing the tiny uniform today a little tear came to her eye, wondering where the time has gone. Where is the little girl she once cradled in her arms. When did this baby change from toddler to child. It was as though she fell asleep for just a second, and when she awoke her baby was no longer there. Standing before her was a beautiful child, ready and waiting to see what this new adventure will bring. This eagerness fills Molly's heart with joy, and she knows her little girl will cope splendidly in her new school. Molly just has to find the courage to let her go. I am sure when the time comes to leave her at school there will be a tear in Molly's eye, but that tear will be replaced with joy when it is time to see that smiling face in the afternoon. Be brave Molly.

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