Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Cookie Adventures

I have been meaning to put these photos up for a little while. It is of the little cookie adventure I had with my girls one afternoon. I decided it would be fun for the girls and I to make some biscuits. Nothing too flash just the ordinary biscuit base type. So after mixing up the dough, i gave the girls some flour to sprinkle on the table so that we could cut out the cookies. Note to self...the girls still have to learn the meaning of sprinkle. This was followed by the girls carefully (or not so carefully) using cookie cutters to cut out some very cute little cookies. This was all going ok, Kayla had got the hang of it pretty quickly and was pushing out cookies faster than they would bake (another note to more biscuit trays). Then Emily, who still loves to put things in her mouth, decided she would taste some of the cookie dough. And to her delight, she thought it was "yummo". Needless to say, after this I had to ration the amount of cookie dough that was given to little miss Emily. Finally after all biscuits were made, all that was left to do was clean up the mess. And a very big mess it was. The girls miraculously disappeared when it came to cleaning up time though. In the end it was a very, very messy adventure. But an oh so yummy one too.

Little Miss Emily
Little Miss Kayla
The end result
Happy Baking!!

Take care

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Gizmo said...

Yum! they look delish Renee!! I'm sure a lot of love (and other bits, LOL) went into those :)