Sunday, January 31, 2010

Molly Mannequin.

Meet Molly Mannequin.

Molly has been a friend of mine for a couple of years. She has loyally sat in my craft room watching me work. Today Molly is a bit sad. Her little girl starts big school tomorrow. When she was ironing the tiny uniform today a little tear came to her eye, wondering where the time has gone. Where is the little girl she once cradled in her arms. When did this baby change from toddler to child. It was as though she fell asleep for just a second, and when she awoke her baby was no longer there. Standing before her was a beautiful child, ready and waiting to see what this new adventure will bring. This eagerness fills Molly's heart with joy, and she knows her little girl will cope splendidly in her new school. Molly just has to find the courage to let her go. I am sure when the time comes to leave her at school there will be a tear in Molly's eye, but that tear will be replaced with joy when it is time to see that smiling face in the afternoon. Be brave Molly.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Girls and their bags!

Not much to report today. I am mainly stopping by to share today's photo. This is a pic of Miss Emily holding her bag. These little handbags are now a "can't leave home without" item. The girls look so cute walking through the shops with them, and I am proud to report that I have not been asked to hold them once.

Gotta love those crossed the photo a bit of attitude with that denim skirt lol.

See you tomorrow

Friday, January 29, 2010

I want Candy!!

A few posts back I mentioned that the girls have become slightly addicted to Chupa Chups. Well look what landed on our doorstep today

That's right a container of 60 Chupa Chups. These girls are spoilt rotten...but they do say thank you Nanna and Poppy.

I have been doing a few bits and pieces for Kaisercraft atm, so I don't have anything crafty to show yet. But I am hoping to do a couple of little things on the weekend (fingers crossed). That is if I have time between cuddling Kayla lots before she goes to school on Monday and visiting the National Library of Australia. I am still trying to do up our family history, but my Grandfather almost seems like a non-existent entity. I have looked at almost every database and index possible and I can't find anything on him or his parents.

I just want to find something out about him. He along with 2 other of our Grandparents died before we were born. So we only grew up with the one Grandmother. She was an angel among angels though, so I think we were truly blessed to have her in our lives. But there is this huge part inside of me now that wants to know more about those that I have never met. Does that make sense. Anyway, even though it is frustrating the pants off me at the moment, I am going to the library on the weekend to do some more research. Wish me luck!! Maybe I should take some of those Chupa Chups as brain food (if the girls will let me lol).

Have a great weekend

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's up!

Oh dear! This afternoon Kayla was inside resting and Em and I were outside watching Daddy cook the BBQ. I was taking photos of a couple of other things when this very sad look came across her face. When I asked her what the matter was she replied "Kayla is leaving me to go to school, I will miss my big sister". Such a sad face.

It makes me realize I am not the only one that is going to miss Kayla when she goes to big school next week!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A little bit of mushiness.

Warning, this post is about to get a little bit lovey dovey!

My gorgeous hubby and I today are celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary. Nine years can you believe it!!! It only seems like yesterday that we were high school sweethearts working at the local fruit store. What can I say after nine years, except that I feel like the luckiest woman alive. We may not have the richest of things, or all the latest and greatest items, but you love me and that is all I will ever need. I won't say it has been all perfect, relationships can be hard. But there has never been a single night when I have gone to bed, that I haven't felt truly blessed for having you in my life and being able to call you my husband. So I thank you for your unconditional love, your support, your kindness and the way you make me laugh when I need it most. You have also given me the two most precious gifts that makes our home complete. Nine years is only a small drop in the rest of the beautiful years we will spend together. I love you and I know that no matter what lies ahead for us, we will get through it together.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!!

Happy Australia Day everyone. I hope you all had a fantastic day and for those of you who ventured outside, I hope you managed to stay cool. We went to the festivities in the park for our day. The girls were thrilled to bits when the Dorothy the Dinosaur show started. We had kept it a secret from them for two reasons. The first being that we love seeing their little faces light up with surprises like this, and the second being if they knew about it we wouldn't have heard the end of it lol. We thought the show would only be about 20-30 minutes, so it was a surprise for us when it lasted 1 hour. The girls sang and danced their little bottoms off. Quietly I would have been happy if it finished after 30 minutes because it was soooo hot. We were going to get faces painted after the show, but the line was very very long, and we probably would have been waiting close to an hour in the sun for them to be done. So we decided to call it a day and head home out of the scorching heat.

I couldn't decide which photo to use for today's fun, so I am going to use both!! This is a pic of Em and I relaxing in the park. I used to hate having photos of me taken, but I have gotten over that a little now and love getting shots of me and the girls together. I love this one!

And of course we needed a photo of today's big attraction

Don't you love Dorothy...I know the girls do!!

Anyway that is it from me today.
I really do hope your day was fabulous!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleaning day!!

Phew!! Boy am I tired. Today is my big cleaning day, so dusting, mopping and all those other fun things. I went a little silly and did some rearranging as well. But it all looks better now, and I feel so much happier with a sparkly clean house. The girls for the most part were very good. A few tears and tantrums over toys, the usual dramas. I did have a little helper with the ironing though. I couldn't resist taking this photo.

It was even hung neatly on a coat hanger afterwards. Very cute.

Now I have been very naughty this week and have forgotten to do a Make it on Monday Project. Pretty slack so early in the year I know, but I will either post one later in the week, or do two next week. Sorry:( Please forgive me.

What is everyone's plans for Australia Day? We are going to the park for some of the festivities, and no doubt a BBQ in the afternoon. Whatever you do, I hope you have a fantastic day.

Until tomorrow
Take care

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday already!

Oh my goodness, it is Sunday again. How time flies when you are having fun. This weekend I was able to do a lot of crafting. My little cherubs were quite happy doing other things. This morning when I was out at the shops I picked up a couple of Sunday Telegraphs that come with the free Australia Day hats. These hats are very bright and I don't think I could pull them off, but the girls loved them. I really want to get them a couple of little hats that have the Australian flag on them for Tuesday. Until then though here are my little Aussie princesses in their super cool hats :)

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

Until tomorrow

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Play Day

Helllooooo everyone.

Well it was another warm one here today, but I think it is starting to cool down (sigh of relief). The girls were happy doing their own thing today so I retreated to my room to do some crafting. Don't you just love playing with goodies. I finished off a layout for Kaisercraft(can't show you yet it's a secret lol), and started a few other little things. I think I have mentioned it before, but I do love the Q3 range from Kaisercraft....gorgeous! So in honour of my crafting day I thought I would take a crafty pic.

This is some of the Shaken Not Stirred range from Kaisercraft. I thought I would struggle with this range, but the colour combination is so lovely and striking that it all came together fairly easily. Love it.

I cannot believe how quickly these weeks have been passing. Miss Kayla will be starting Kindy in just a few weeks. I was sitting there the other night, looking at the tiny little school uniform wondering where on Earth the last five years have gone. People tell you it will pass in the blink of an eye, but now I know it truly does. I think I will be one of those Mummy's leaving the school with a tear in her eye. My eyes well up already thinking about it. It will be so quiet around the house without her, but at the same time it will be nice to have some one-on-one time with Emily. Oh they grow up too fast.

Anyway enough sulking from me.
I will be back tomorrow with another piccie.

Until then

Friday, January 22, 2010

Chupa Chups!

My girls are Chupa Chups. They had they first one towards the end of last year and they are hooked. Normally when I do the weekly shop I always bring the girls home a Chupa Chup which they love. Their favourite is the Strawberry and Cream one. Today we had to pop out to the shops, so the girls took their little bags with 50 cents in it and bought their own Chupa Chup. They thought they were so special handing over their little money and getting the receipt. Very cute.Ahhh Chupa Chups, certainly takes me back to my childhood.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you may be doing.
Take care

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I pulled out the ten-pin bowling set for the girls. I had forgotten we had it until recently, so the girls think it is like a new Christmas present. I wasn't allowed to help set up the pins, my independent little Miss's had to do that all by themselves. I learnt today that trying to tell a 5 year old the correct way to do something is like headbutting a wall "but my way is better Mummy" ok Kayla. No matter how the pins were set up they still had a great time.

Speaking of bowling, I decided to pull out the Wii the other night and have a go at the bowling. Just for a bit of fun I thought I would give the girls as go as well. Now these girls have never played any sort of console games, they have their computer but that is about it. So I thought they would have no idea how to use it. Emily still needed my help, but after showing Kayla a few times she picked it up very quickly. I was shocked. She even managed a couple of strikes, although she is pretty wild with the remote so I had to make sure it was attached nice and snug to her wrist so the TV didn't get destroyed. Luckily for us the girls are much more interested in playing outside and with their toys, so I shouldn't get beaten by my Miss 5 too many times lol.

I am going to be doing some crafting for Kaisercraft tonight, I still love all the new products! I just have to wait for it to cool down a little bit. Until then I will have a few more flicks through the new Q3 mag.

Have a great night.
Until tomorrow

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yep I have a cold. My first cold of the year. It isn't a really nasty one though. Just a runny nose, sore throat and sneezing with a little bit of a headache thrown in for good measure. I will be fine in a few days I am sure. To mark this special first of the year I decided to take a photo for my Project 365. I was going to take a photo of my red nose, but I am sure no-one really wants to see that lol.

I also found out today that a layout I did for last months sketch challenge over at Prima was shown on their blog. I am totally thrilled about this! It was this layout of Miss Kayla. I had forgotten that I had entered it.

That's about it for today. I will be back tomorrow with another pic.

Until then

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here comes the bear!

Hellloooooo everyone.

Well what a day it has been today! When I hopped on the computer this morning,I found out that I won 3rd place in the New Year Kick-Off Sketch challenge over at Caardvarks. I can't tell you how excited I am about this (still smiling just a little bit). Then when I hopped on the Webster's Pages website, I found that the layout from my previous post had made banner of the week. How cool is that! Finally to top all this off, my gorgeous Q3 goodies arrived from Kaisercraft. I have been happily pawing over all the yumminess all afternoon. I couldn't help oooohing and ahhhing at everything, with some very bemused looks from my little girls. Although they did ooohh and ahhh a little with all the pinks in the Made With Love Range. I am feeling inspired after all this, so tonight I think I will put up a Donot Disturb sign on my craft room door :)

In between all of this the girls did some crafting. Today they wanted to make little bear faces. They had a tonne of fun colouring, cutting and pasting. I am surprised however that Emily has any fingers left. She wields the scissors more like a weapon....on guard. I tried to take a photo of both the girls little faces, but Emily just kept running around the house with hers singing "Here comes the bear, stomping, stomping (a Wiggles song). However Miss Kayla played nice, so here is her creation.

Cute hey!

As for last nights dinner it was very yummy. The recipe was so easy even I couldn't go wrong with it (and that is saying a lot)!

Well that has been my day. I hope you have had a great day as well.
Until tomorrow
Take Care

Monday, January 18, 2010

Make it on Monday - Part 3

Well another Monday has rolled around, which means it is time for another installment of "Make it on Monday". I absolutely loved this idea when I saw it, and had to make some straight away.

Fabric flowers from favour bags

It is the cutest idea, and a great way to use some of those old favour bags that you may have lying around. Here are my favour flowers using silver favour bags.

I added some Stickles around mine to give them some sparkle. They would also look gorgeous layered with some paper flowers as well. I think the Reject Shop sells these bags in packs of 10 for $2.50. So you could have 10 very cute handmade flowers for a very low price.

Here is a layout I made using these little cuties.

In my effort to live by my one little word "Learn", I am going to try out a new recipe tonight. I am not a great cook, and I would be the first to admit that, so when I saw this recipe which is very simple I thought I would give it a go.

It looks very yummy, but is not at all good for the hips:) Wish me luck. I will let you know how it turned out tomorrow.

Until then

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Favourite new spot!

This weekend we have been doing a little bit of "spring" cleaning around the house. We had an old table setting in the back patio that wasn't really getting used. So after dismantling it yesterday, we replaced it with this little white setting that we had sitting around. The girls love this new spot. They sat out there for lunch yesterday and they had to sit out there again this afternoon to eat their yummy fruit salad. After which Kayla informed me it was her "favouritest spot ever". Everything is her 'favouritest' at the moment. Don't you just love the words kids have.

I will be back tomorrow with my next "make it on Monday"project.
Take care

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grow with love...please

Most people that know me, would know that I lack a green thumb. I try, I really do, and sometimes I succeed but mostly...I don't. I am not sure why it never works out. It may be the water that I forget to give the plants, or it may be the over-compensation of water when I do remember to water them. Not sure really. However this time will be different.

Today we bought some little vegetables to put in some pots so the girls could have their own little veggie garden. We bought some Baby Spinach (that is more for me), some Cherry tomatoes and some Mignonette lettuce. I happily planted them this afternoon along with my two little helpers. I think the seedlings may have wanted to put in plant abuse claim with the mishandling that was going on. The girls did try though. Mostly they did a really good job. I had to fix up a few sideways planted one's but on a whole they did very well. After they were all watered we stood back and admired the greenery (fingers crossed they stay that way).

To mark this occasion I took a photo of our little cherry tomato bush.

With any luck we will have some yummy tomatoes to eat in a little while. Keep your fingers crossed for us :)

Until tomorrow

Friday, January 15, 2010

Photos, photos everywhere!

Hi everyone!!

How are we all this afternoon? Getting ready for a big weekend, or perhaps a quiet one at home. We will be having a peaceful weekend at home. Last night the crafting bug bit me. I have been printing out a few photos lately and they have been getting scattered all over my desk. So I thought I had better get my act together and organize some storage for them.

I have had the Kaisercraft Recipe Box for a long time. Initially I was going to use it to hold all my handmade cards, but because I make my cards a bit bulky it probably wouldn't hold that many. So I decided I would use it to hold all my photos instead. Now this idea has been sitting in my head for ages, so last night I decided to do something about it and make it. I am very pleased with the way it turned out.

The dividers aren't quite finished yet, I am going to add photos to them and mat it with brown cardstockI really do love the way this one turned out.

This morning we went to a class at the library called Wild about Dance. It was a free class as part of the school holiday program. It was supposed to be only for 5-8 year olds, but they let Miss Em play along as well. The girls had an absolute blast and danced their little hearts out. It was quite a fast paced dance but Kayla did extremely well. I think she would do great in a jazz class. Emily just bopped along to the beat, but when the part came to shake her hips she really let it rip...too cute. I didn't take my camera with me (silly me), but this was Emily about one hour after we came home...all tuckered out the poor little sweetie.

They got cute little wrist bands and a puzzle/colouring-in book for their participation, which the girls thought was the greatest thing ever. Tonight they were playing Dance Class in their bedroom and doing the routine again. I am sure we will keep hearing about it for the next long as they had fun that is all that matters.

Well I hope your weekend treats you well.
Until next time

Thursday, January 14, 2010

On top of the world

Hi everyone.

How was your day today? Ours was very uneventful. We sat around and played puzzles and shop keeper's. I really need to buy the girls a cash register with fake money, so they stop playing with all my coins lol. It was a lovely cool day which meant that the girls spent a lot of it outside, which was fantastic for them and the quiet time inside didn't hurt me any either :)

Like most children, things are never as they seem. Where we see a play set lying on its side, the girls see a helicopter that is going to take them to the top of the world. This was a photo just begging to be taken.

The imagination of children amazes me every single day.

Until tomorrow

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happy hump day everyone!

I thought before I showed you today's photo I would share a card with you that I made this afternoon while the girls were happily watching Tinkerbell (for the 100th time). I have been wanting to make a 3D Diorama card since I saw it over at Splitcoast Stampers a while ago. However it has always been one of the "going to do" type things. You know the one's that you never actually get around to doing. So I sat down today and ended up making this card for the January Challenge over at Webster's Pages.

I am quite proud of my first Diorama card, and I think I will be making more in the future.

Moving on to my Project 365 piccie. Today's photo is of Miss Kayla.

This is a look that has frequently been popping up lately. It is the "I am a very strong willed Miss 5 Year old" look. At least we have a photo of it, so that when she is 21 and informing us that she was always a little angel we can show her that sometimes her halo slipped a little:)

Well thanks for stopping by my little piece of blogland.

See you tomorrow