Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pazzles Play

Good afternoon everyone.

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Much of our weekend was spent lying around just relaxing. Mainly due to the fact that both of our precious poppets have been sick and I didn't mind just relaxing either. We were a little worried about Kayla last night, we had been struggling to keep her temperature down, then it finally reached a point of 39.5.

We were undecided if we should go to the hospital and sit around in emergency for hours, or just keep an eye on her by making her a bed next to ours. Because she was still lucid and didn't appear to be in any real discomfort we decided to just keep her in our room. I don't think I slept much and she must have gotten sick of me feeling her forehead, but finally around 3am this morning her temperature started dropping. Today she is a bit tired but back to her cheeky talkative self (thank goodness).

With a little bit of spare time yesterday I had a play with my Pazzles Inspiration. I have has this machine sitting on my desk for some time and have not really done much with it. After trying it a few times when I first got it I felt like it hated me and didn't want to do what I asked of it. So I decided yesterday that it was about time to give it another go, and I will admit that I am now in love with it. I just want to keep on cutting lol.

Here are a couple of little gift boxes I have made so far using Webster's Pages. They are going to hold some Easter goodness for Kayla's teacher and Principal.

This one is for Kayla's principal, she is the sweetest principal ever

and this one is for Kayla's teacher Mr Munro (I tried to avoid lace and flowers in his)

I altered the template in the software slightly to add a circle window and scalloped frame.
The machine even perforates the lines for you so they are easy to fold, how cool is that! I am totally smitten with this machine now, I think we have both put our differences aside. So expect some more Pazzles creations in the near future lol.

Anyway that is it from me today. May your week be filled with sunshine and smiles.


Tanya Tahir said...

wow they are both gorgeous, lucky teachers :)

Marisa said...

These are so gorgeous Renee! Those teachers are so lucky to be receiving them :)

Nikki xx said...

These are just beautiful Renee. I'm sure the teachers will be thrilled when they receive them.

Die Cutting Machines said...

Pretty nice craft! Playing with pazzles inspiration really brought creativity to you! Really beautiful masterpiece.