Friday, August 27, 2010

My little Cat in the Hat!

For those parents with children at school you would probably know this week was Book Week here in Australia. And with Book Week comes the very exciting Book Week Parade. And today is Kayla's very first Book Week Parade. I was so glad when she wanted the Cat in the Hat as her costume. I thought to myself "I might actually be able to pull that off". All that was needed was a white skivvy, black pants and jacket, white gloves, black fabric and toy-fill for the tail and a some red and white felt.

So with red and white felt in hand, I made a Cat in the Hat hat and bow tie. I used some black fabric and toy fill for her little tail. A smudge proof (oh I hope I have some makeup remover) eyeliner for her little nose and whiskers. I tacked all the pieces onto her clothes and that was it. Okay maybe there were a few choice words said here an there, but overall I think it turned out pretty good.

Doesn't she make the cutest little Cat in the Hat ever. Although when I was plaiting her hair this morning she told me that perhaps she should be Cat in the Plait instead. Such humor lol.

The parade isn't until this afternoon, so I am hoping that the costume (especially the hat) isn't destroyed by then. Although Kayla has promised me she will take very good care of it because she loves it.

I hope you are all well.
Take care


Samantha said...

She looks amazing Renee!! You did such a good job of the costume!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that costume is fantastic!! Well done to both of you :-D

Sheree said...

Renee you've done an awesome job on her costume! She really does make a super cute cat in the hat!

Sheree xx