Friday, April 1, 2011

Our little athlete

Just had to pop on today with a quick share.
Kayla particpated in her first athletics carnival today.  I am so glad that I found the time to go and watch her, she had an absolute blast.
Because she is only in Year 1 it was more just fun activities, and letting the kiddies have a go at a few events.
Here are a few happy snaps from the day.
 I was so thrilled for her when she won the 70m race, and her little beaming face made the whole day worth it. It just goes to show that even though she has had trouble with her legs and feet, that nothing is going to hold this girl back. Oh and can I say, boy can this girl jump.  Considering she has never stepped foot near a long jump pit, check out the air that she got!
I had a few other things that needed to be done today, but I was really glad that I was there to spend this time with her.  At the end end of the day, she told me how much she loved having me there.  
So special.


Kylie said...

OMG - Renee! How adorable :) She looks like she is having a blast! You must be so proud.
Kylie xx

Amanda said...

Your post totally melted my heart Renee! You took some amazing shots too, and sounds like you all had a special time. Well done, mum. xx

Linda R. said...

Well I have to say It looks like you guys had a great time.. You must be one proud MOM. Your photos look wonderful. TFS...

Hugs, Linda