Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm back.

Hi everyone.

Sorry for not posting for a little while, I was just taking a little break. With Kayla starting school and crafting at night I just wasn't finding the time to keep up daily posts. The little break from blogland was nice but now I am back, but with a few changes. I will now probably only blog once or twice a week with piccies from my project 365. I will keep updating whenever I can with projects I have been making. Speaking of which I can share with you all this little project I made for Kaisercraft.

It is a little card game I have made for Kayla using the new Kaisercraft Heart Stand. To find out more and how I made it, pop over to the Kaisercraft blog where there are some simple instructions.

I also made this pocket to hold all of the little alphabet cards.

The one thing that I forgot to mention in the instructions on the Kaisercraft blog is that these cards are now double sided. One side has Capital letters, and the other side has lowercase letters.

Kayla Loves playing with her little cards, and she thinks she is so clever when she clips them into the stand herself.

I will be back on the weekend with some photos. I have to edit a few of them yet so I will hopefully get the chance to do that tonight.

Until next time
Take care


Tanya Tahir said...

I really love what you did with the photo stand Renee! Sooo incredibly creative. I bet Kayla loves playing with it too!

Cherie said...

It is gorgeous Renee!

The colours are stunning too.

Great to see you back in blog land. I've missed your posts :)

Samantha said...

I love what you did with the photo stand! So clever, and such a great idea :)

Nerrida said...

As a Homeschooler, how much do I love those little alphabet cards - so cute and practical!