Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tooth Fairy!!

Another momentous occasion happened yesterday in the Ludlow household. Kayla got her first wobbly tooth. When I told her her tooth was going to fall out soon, she burst into tears. Poor little poppet. But when she was told the tooth fairy would come she got a little more excited. We go through periods of excitement and sheer terror, but I am sure when it finally comes out she will be very excited. I decided I wanted to make a little pouch for her to put her tooth in, so I Googled the internet for patterns. Then I came across this darling little tooth fairy from this very talented lady and I couldn't resist making it for my big girl. It was so cute and I loved the way the little mouth acts as a pocket to hold all Kayla's special little teeth. So this morning was spent sewing and stuffing this little sweetie, all under the very watchful eye of Kayla. Although she was full of encouragement with comments like "that is coming along great Mum"and "You are doing so well Mummy", lucky she is easy to please lol.

There is some tulle under the flower on her head, but this doesn't show up very well in the photo. She now hangs on Kayla's door in anticipation for the moment when that pearly white finally falls out.

Today I thought I would also show you the two layouts that I made using Kaisercraft's two January releases Made With Love and Shaken Not Stirred. I didn't know how I would go with these ranges because they didn't really fit my style, but I have to tell you they were an absolute pleasure to work with. I love them both!!
Made With Love
Shaken Not Stirred

So that is our news for Sunday!! I still have to get Kayla's school uniforms ready for the week, so I best not delay any longer.

I hope you have had a fabulous weekend
Chat soon


Tanya Tahir said...

love both layouts!! and wow you are so talented making that gorgeous bunny!!!

Aga said...

Aww Kayla's tooth fairy is just too cute :)
Aga xx

Samantha said...

That tooth fairy you made is so cute! Em was horrified too, when I told her that her wobbly tooth would fall out, and that a new one would come through. She just stood there and screamed and screamed! I felt so bad for her, but when it actually happened she was ok with it, especially after the tooth fairy came to visit :)

Tyggereye said...

That is so cute! Logan says the tooth fairy is a girl thing. haha He doesn't "believe" in it.

I love that hold tight layout. That is beyond gorgeous! I wish I could add it to my inspiration folder I have.

Nikki xx said...

I loooove your little tooth fairy hanger. That is the most beautiful thing....Belle is yet to loose any bubba teeth, but I can imagine it will make world and I love your layout too. always xxx

Cherie said...

Love the tooth fairy Renee!
It looks GORGEOUS!! Your LO's are beautiful as always too :)