Tuesday, April 13, 2010

G-g-g-good morning

Good Morning everyone. The temperature has dropped a little bit here the last few days, so the winter woolies have been pulled out of storage ready for the fast approaching winter. Kayla has had a massive growth spurt, which became evident when we tried on a jumper that fit her only 6 months ago :)

Luckily it isn't that cold just yet that my hands have frozen. So on the weekend I was able to make these two layouts for our blog week over at Kaisercraft.These layouts use the Q1 ranges Loire Valley and Duchess.

Our two little scallywags.

How young and fresh faced do we look in our wedding photos? I can't believe that was over 9 years ago.

Kayla is on school holidays now for two weeks...yay (I love having her home). We haven't made many plans, I think for the most part we will relax around the house and have fun together. Kayla loves crafts at the moment and she wants to make something new everyday. Yesterday we made paper bag mice. Very cute, although trying to get Emily not to cut off her fingers with scissors was a bit of a challenge lol.

Hopefully I will be back on by the end of the week with some more creations. I have been bitten by the sewing bug again, and I am go to try and find time to make a table topper for the kitchen table (now where to start looking for all that spare time hehe).

Have a great week everyone


Kirsty said...

These are just lovely :) Our cool change has finally hit up in QLD, but no winter woolies required just yet;)

Monica said...

Kayla isgrowing like a weed Renee!!
Gorgeous layouts sweetie, you are such a beautiful bride :0)

Christine said...

Wow, love that wedding one, you do look so young!

Thanks so much for your lovely wishes for Elizabeth, you'll have to come over for a cuddle!