Friday, February 27, 2009

Get Real Baby - Holiday Memories

The Get Real Baby challenge has been given a new spin. We are now given a prompt to set up our post. I love this idea (thanks Lusi) because it helps us to think about more than just what has happened recently. It also gives us a chance to get to know other people a bit better. So the first prompt as you can probably tell from the post title is favourite holiday memories.

Really...our honeymoon at the Gold Coast consisted of it raining the whole time, being heckled by staff at Movie World for being newlyweds (every time a policeman (actor) walked past us he would let everyone around us know we were newlyweds by shouting "lovers", playing tennis in the rain, and generally it being cold and wet (but we still had a great time)

Really...visiting Underwater World when I was in school and being kissed by Duran the seal was very memorable (and very slimy)

Really....watching my daughter's faces light up with so much joy and amazement at the Sesame Street show in Sea World brought a tear to my eye

Really... I almost wet myself laughing watching my mum, dad and sister doing Hula Hoops on the Wii fit when I last visited them ( I don't think I have laughed that much ever, and I then discovered that after having two kids that maybe I need to work on my pelvic floor muscles a bit more)

Really.... I remember when we were kids going and visiting my Grandma for a week on school holidays, we would get dressed up and go to church with her on the Sunday and there would always be a cup of tea and a slice of bun there ready for us (I will always treasure the time we spent with her)

Really.... I loved going to the caves (I can't think of their name right now) with my hubby and mother and father in law when I was around 8 months pregnant. Walking through caves aren't really made for tall pregnant women, but they were abolutely beautiful and well worth the effort.

I am sure I have more holiday memories than that, but my brain is not really working at full capacity at the moment due to the flu that my DD decided to share with me. I can't say she doesn't share I suppose.

If you want to see what this Get Real Challenge is all about, hit the button on the side bar, which will take you to Lusi's blog and will tell you a bit more about it.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and we will chat again soon.

Take care
Renee xox


lusi said...

Walking through caves and kissing seals?! WOW! You have had some really fun and interesting holidays mate! Thanks for sharing your real holiday moments :)
Love Lus x

Antonella Ryan said...

I have left you a little something on my Blog Love xo