Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Real Baby

Tonight I have decided to take up a challenge. Well it is more of a "realisation". The amazing Lusi Austin has had the brilliant idea of doing "Get real Baby" posts on her blog. All it involves is every now and then doing posts on the reality of your life. The little things that happen day to day, that we might not normally blog about, or might not really want people to know. So in an effort to "Get real" and give my readers a little more of a look into my life I now give you MY FIRST GET REAL BABY POST.

Really, when my 2 1/2 year old fell asleep on the couch today I was relieved just to have a bit of quiet

Really, when I ran out of paper towel I used tissues to mop up the 4th cup of spilt drink

Really, because my girls keep making 'snow' out of the toilet paper, I am thinking about putting the cheapest nastiest brand of toilet paper you can find on the toilet roll.

Really, I still haven't done the dishes tonight and it is almost bedtime

Really, I made a carrot cake tonight and I have been too lazy to ice it (kids don't need more sugar in their diet hey)

Really, as I am typing this I am wondering whether I should delete this post because I am not sure I want everybody to know these things :)

Well there you have it...that was pretty painless. Feel free to take up Lusi's challenge too.

Take care
Renee xox


lusi said...

Hi Renee!!!
If it makes you feel any better I also felt like maybe i should delete my post right before i pressed the 'publish' button! lol :)
I am SO glad you did though and have joined in with this.
I loved your comment about the toilet paper too :)
Thanks for being real mate and i hope you continue to join in!
Love Lusi x

miss~nance said...

Hi Renee

Followeed lusi here & I so hear you about deleting the post, I closed blogger down once but got back to it. thank you for sharing your realness.

Karen L said...

Hi Renee, I followed Lusi here too - nice to know that there are more of us out there on this journey.

Scrapsister said...

Mmmmm carrot cake ;) If I had carrot cake I wouldn't eat all those biscuits ;)

Sarah Schwerin said...

What a great idea! Will pop over to Lusi's blog to check it out.

I've tagged you in a fun photo game on my blog! :)

lyn said...

lol renee, i know how you feel about the toilet paper, my little man loves throwing the rolls in the toilet arh..insane.
belynda xo