Sunday, March 6, 2011

Super Sunday

Hi everyone.

How has your weekend been treating you?  Ours has been fairly quiet. Just a little bit of housework left to do today, then the groceries, then some washing, perhaps a little bit of gardening....oh gosh the list goes on lol.

I have found some time lately to do some craft, not a great deal I can show just yet though (sorry).
I have made this card using a gorgeous Sweet Pea Stamp.

 The stamp is from Meredith Dillman's Sheet #2, Plate #87 and is available from Lime Tart.

Speaking of Lime Tart, the new March kits have been revealed.  All I can say is gorgeous.
Here is the Full Tart (this is the one I am playing with, it is a stunning kit)

 Next up is the Half Tart

 Finally the Gourmet Tart

Aren't they all beautiful. 
So hard to chose a favourite this month!


Linda R. said...

What a beautiful card. You know I just love seeing those images and your coloring looks wonderful.. My list for today sounds alot like yours.. but maybe just one more cup of coffee and a little more blogging before I start. LOL..

Hugs, Linda

Christine said...

What a gorgeous card Renee, and those kits look yummy!

We must catch up for a cuppa soon!