Thursday, December 12, 2013

And so it begins

There was unrest in the Skylander camp yesterday.  Talks of an imminent attack by Peppy McJingles and his band of merry toys were making them nervous.  I am not sure what started this feud. Perhaps the Skylanders were a bit territorial, or could it be that they didn't approve of the mischief Mr McJingles was making.  In either case, Peppy certainly made his presence known last night.

We woke this morning to find this

A battlefield of baubles and marshmallows.

Toilet paper was the barrier of choice. Peppy's team barrier was almost impenetrable with the weight of Precious the pink bear standing behind it.

The Skylanders barrier didn't hold up as well against the battering of baubles and manic marshmallows.

Casualties were taken on both sides.

Ninjini had the tips of her swords capped.

And Thumpback....well he bit off more than he could chew.

Even poor Roxy suffered an inury.  Thank goodness for the Candy Cane Crutch.

Candy canes were not only used to support the injured.  They turned out to be a valuable tool as well.

During all the commotion Peppy found a safe haven among the Toilet paper.

I hope these toys have all learned their lesson are are now ready to live in peace.  I don't want to find a mess like this again.

I dread that the Skylanders will get their revenge though....when that will happen, who knows.  

Stay tuned for more adventures of Peppy McJingles-Elf Reporter.

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Annette Edmonds said...

loving all of this, don't know about the kids but it brings a smile to my face thanks