Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Peppy plays hide and seek.

Oh what hysteria we had this morning.

The girls couldn't find Mr McJingles anywhere!  He was playing hide and seek, and chose a very clever hiding spot.

Emily started to cry thinking that he had left us, poor little poppet.  When I told them that I had found his hiding spot the search was on.

Peppy eventually turned up in the cutlery drawer. The little post-it note says PEEK-A-BOO.

The girls thought this was priceless!  Isn't it funny how the simple things amuse them the most.

Because Peppy felt so bad for hiding from them this morning he hid a little chocolate treat in their school lunch box.

The girls very rarely get to take a chocolate to school, so this will be a treat indeed.

I wonder if they will tell me, or keep the secret with Peppy.

Until tomorrow

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