Sunday, December 1, 2013

Our new house guest!

Hi everyone.

Well what an enormous month November was.  I think my feet hardly touched the ground as I was always on the move.  But hooray, the 1st of December has arrived.  This means we can officially start getting into the festive spirit.  Our tree has been trimmed, our halls have been decked and we have a new house guest for this month. But who could it be.

When the girls woke up this morning they found that the toaster cupboard had been fastened tight with Christmas ribbons and bows.

Attached to the door was this special delivery label all the way from the North Pole (for those playing along at home you can find it here).

It was a very special delivery indeed.  Because when the girls opened the cupboard doors this is what they elf who had been nibbling on some raisin toast.

But this is no ordinary elf, this is a magical elf! He was accompanied by the book "The Elf on the shelf-a Christmas Tradition" and also a personalised letter from the fat man himself.

Letter from here, stationery which I printed on parchment paper from here.

The girls had to quickly come up with a name so our elf would get his magic.  They came up with the cutest name ever Peppy McJingles.  Don't you love it!

I am sure Peppy is going to get into a fair deal of mischief while he is visiting our household.  The girls are watching their every move, to be sure that Peppy only reports good things back to Santa.

Ahhhh Christmas time, it is a magical time of the year.  Stay tuned for more Peppy antics.

I do have a couple of cards to show you today.  I took a break from colouring and made a few simple cards.  I love the way these turned out, although it took every fiber of my being not to add more to each of them.

Sorry for the long post, there is just so much to share.  I still have more to come, but maybe that can wait until tomorrow.

Until then take care and jingle your bells.

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