Monday, December 2, 2013

Peppy meets his housemates

Good morning everyone.

Well we didn't know what to expect when we woke up this morning.  What antics did Mr McJingles get up to during the night.  Thankfully this time it was pretty tame.  It appeared that he had a lovely quiet night mingling with his housemates. I must say, he is checking out Bloom the Winx Doll with a little too much twinkle in his eye.

Charlie the chef bear put on a wonderful spread of drinks and candy roll lollies.

Peppy must have become tired of telling all the toys what he was doing here.  So I assume he gave them the book with all his details to read instead.  The toys looked equally intrigued.  
Emily thought this was pretty magical, since the book was on her bed when she fell asleep.

The girls wished that they could give Peppy one quick kiss and cuddle.  Tonight when he returns from his Elf reporting duties he may have to bring back a little bag of magic so they can cuddle him tomorrow.  Just once though.

I will be back tomorrow with the next installment of Peppy McJingles - Elf Reporter.

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