Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emperor's New Clothes

Okay so I don't really know any Emperor's who have new clothes. Actually that story is about an Emperor who struts around in the nudey rudey, so I should be thankful I don't know any Emperor's who have new clothes. However I do have two little misses who received gorgeous little outfits in the mail today from their Unky James and Aunty Tracey. Thereby making up today's photo of the day.

Please ignore the absolute disgrace Kayla's hair is. The girls had been running around like mad chickens when the parcel arrived, and naturally being girls they couldn't wait for me to tidy them up before they tried on their new outfits. Ahhh the excitement of new clothes...I don't think we ever grow out of that do we.

Well that's about it for today although I must share a little conversation Emily and Kayla had when looking at a wedding photo of hubby and I:

Emily: When Mummy and Daddy married she wore a thing over her face and we sat on a seat at the front.
Kayla: We didn't sit on the seat Emily, we weren't there.
Emily: Huh, we weren't.
Kayla: We weren't born then.
Emily: Huh.
Kayla: Yep Mummy and Daddy forgot to make us for it.
Emily: Ohhhhh.
Kayla: Mummy, how did we get made?
Me: Ummmmmmmmm, let's have some yoghurt.

Just thought I would share that with you all:)

Take care until next time


Tanya said...

haha that's funny! Jai thinks Asher was put in my tummy by the doctor through my belly button. And he thinks that's how he came out too! I didn't try and correct him either, that can wait a few years hehe. Kids are too cute ;)

Cherie said...

How cute is that story Renee :)
What an appropriate time for yoghurt!

My DD has that Dorothy outfit - It is so cute :)

Al said...

OMGOSH Renee, that is just beautiful the little conversation between your girls. LOL @ Mum & Dad forgetting to make us ... hehe, how cute!
Love the photo of the girls too :)