Tuesday, January 5, 2010


UFO's...have you seen any? I have seen a whole pile of UFO's mounting up in my craft room and garage. Un-Finished Objects that is :) I think I must be the queen of unfinished work. It always seems like a good idea at the time, but things just never seem to get finished. Something new and pretty and shiny always comes along to distract me from completing my work. That is why today for my Project 365 photo I have taken a piccie of the unfinished project that I am truly going to finish this year.
Back in 2008 I bought a candlewicking quilt kit to make for our queen size bed. Every month you would receive a few new patterns, and at the end you would sew it all together to make the quilt. In this kit there are 25 designs to be made, at present I think I have only done about 6...ummmmmm maaaah. So today I have started to sew it again. I am determined to finish it by winter....or spring....any time this year would be good :)

On another note, I decided to jazz up a headband with the felt flower I made for my first "Make it on Monday"project (see previous post). Kayla absolutely loves it! The flower is a bit big for Emily to wear (it takes up half her head l0l), so I will have to make her a smaller one. Here are some piccies.

Such a cheeky little miss

Take care until we chat again (which will inevitably be tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

You do make me giggle....I too have a little collection of UFO's that I also would love to finish....I think you've inspired me. And Kayla's headband....just beautiful...am thinkin there's a pink princess in our home that would love one!
Nik xxx

Cherie said...

Queen of UFO's???
You haven't seen my pile!

Can't wait to see the finished quilt Renee - it's going to be gorgeous.

The headband looks great too :)

Aga said...

LOL Renee, I know all about UFO's ;) and can't wait to see your finished piece.

I've really been enjoying your daily posts and think your make it Monday idea is awesome and look forward to stopping by each week!

Aga xx
PS. that's a very cute headband btw :)