Monday, January 25, 2010

Cleaning day!!

Phew!! Boy am I tired. Today is my big cleaning day, so dusting, mopping and all those other fun things. I went a little silly and did some rearranging as well. But it all looks better now, and I feel so much happier with a sparkly clean house. The girls for the most part were very good. A few tears and tantrums over toys, the usual dramas. I did have a little helper with the ironing though. I couldn't resist taking this photo.

It was even hung neatly on a coat hanger afterwards. Very cute.

Now I have been very naughty this week and have forgotten to do a Make it on Monday Project. Pretty slack so early in the year I know, but I will either post one later in the week, or do two next week. Sorry:( Please forgive me.

What is everyone's plans for Australia Day? We are going to the park for some of the festivities, and no doubt a BBQ in the afternoon. Whatever you do, I hope you have a fantastic day.

Until tomorrow
Take care

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Al Hannah said...

Hehe, I like that photo. Really, they are never too young to learn to iron. I remember asking my Mum if I could iron way-back-when and there was no hesitation and no looking back. Great photo for the day :)