Monday, January 4, 2010

Make it on Monday!!

Good afternoon everyone.

I hope this Monday has treated you all well. I hope those of you who only returned to work today managed to ease back into it slowly:)

In my post on New Year's Day I announced that the word I was focusing on this year was LEARN. So I have decided every Monday to do a post called "Make it on Monday". This post will have a link to a new technique/project that I have found and want to make. It will also show a piccie of my "attempt" at making it. I thought this would be a great way for me to learn something new each week, and then share them with all of you lovely people as well. So for my first "Make it on Monday" post I have made a felt flower that I saw on You Tube.

Felt Flower Tutorial Link

and here is my felt flower

Mine is a bit different. I cut large scallops and only 6 petals as opposed to the 7 petals in the video. I think I like the 7 petals better, so I will do that next time. I also added some (dodgy) blanket stitching around the flower in a contrasting colour thread. For the centre I layered a piece of frayed cheesecloth, a scrunched paper doily and the button. With the paper doily I pinched in the center of it to scrunch it up, and then just flattened it back to create this look. I also added some beads (something I am a bit addicted to at the moment). This flower turned out quite large so I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but I will show you when I do use it :) I hope you like my first "Make it on Monday" project.

Next up today is my Project 365 photo.

As the photo suggests, it is a piccie of the girls playing Snap....oh to have such soft little hands again:) Emily received this cute little Tinkerbell card set for Christmas. Kayla has picked up on the game quite quickly and wins most hands, but Emily is struggling. She has resorted to "snapping" on every card that is placed down just so she can win lol. Kayla is a good big sister though, if she has won a few games she will whisper "Snap" to Emily so she can win it...too cute.

I hope you are enjoying my Project 365 so far. I have to admit I am loving doing it at the moment. Whether these high spirits about it will continue all year is yet to be discovered.

Until tomorrow
Take care

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xoxAlyssaxox said...

Oh Renee I just love your project 365!! Can I join you? Id love to make something with a photo from every day of this year :) Ill be popping in often to see what lovely pics you are sharing xx