Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grow with love...please

Most people that know me, would know that I lack a green thumb. I try, I really do, and sometimes I succeed but mostly...I don't. I am not sure why it never works out. It may be the water that I forget to give the plants, or it may be the over-compensation of water when I do remember to water them. Not sure really. However this time will be different.

Today we bought some little vegetables to put in some pots so the girls could have their own little veggie garden. We bought some Baby Spinach (that is more for me), some Cherry tomatoes and some Mignonette lettuce. I happily planted them this afternoon along with my two little helpers. I think the seedlings may have wanted to put in plant abuse claim with the mishandling that was going on. The girls did try though. Mostly they did a really good job. I had to fix up a few sideways planted one's but on a whole they did very well. After they were all watered we stood back and admired the greenery (fingers crossed they stay that way).

To mark this occasion I took a photo of our little cherry tomato bush.

With any luck we will have some yummy tomatoes to eat in a little while. Keep your fingers crossed for us :)

Until tomorrow

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Al Hannah said...

Awww what a great post hehe. I can just see those little plants in those little hands - they would be trying to be oh so careful!
Go lil plants - grow, grow, GROW :)