Sunday, January 10, 2010

That undeniable look...

....of brain freeze.

What better thing to do on a hot day than to have a nice cold ice block. However the problem facing a lot of unsuspecting participants is that ever troublesome BRAIN FREEZE!

Kayla experienced this first hand today, and yep Mummy was on hand to capture it all on camera. One part of me wanted to say 'poor little poppet' but that evil voice inside me just kept giggling. How mean am I. But the look was priceless! The good news is that it didn't deter her from eating the rest of her ice-block and then asking for more later:)

So it was hot today, but a nice cool change has come in this afternoon and we are all a little more happy. Okay maybe I am a little more happy. I am not a fan of the heat and I have have been known on the odd occasion to get a little grumpy when I am hot. I wish it was spring all year round..wouldn't that be lovely.

Well I have a few odds and ends I want to finish while it is cooler but I will be back tomorrow with "Make it on Monday" Part 2 and another photo.

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