Friday, January 29, 2010

I want Candy!!

A few posts back I mentioned that the girls have become slightly addicted to Chupa Chups. Well look what landed on our doorstep today

That's right a container of 60 Chupa Chups. These girls are spoilt rotten...but they do say thank you Nanna and Poppy.

I have been doing a few bits and pieces for Kaisercraft atm, so I don't have anything crafty to show yet. But I am hoping to do a couple of little things on the weekend (fingers crossed). That is if I have time between cuddling Kayla lots before she goes to school on Monday and visiting the National Library of Australia. I am still trying to do up our family history, but my Grandfather almost seems like a non-existent entity. I have looked at almost every database and index possible and I can't find anything on him or his parents.

I just want to find something out about him. He along with 2 other of our Grandparents died before we were born. So we only grew up with the one Grandmother. She was an angel among angels though, so I think we were truly blessed to have her in our lives. But there is this huge part inside of me now that wants to know more about those that I have never met. Does that make sense. Anyway, even though it is frustrating the pants off me at the moment, I am going to the library on the weekend to do some more research. Wish me luck!! Maybe I should take some of those Chupa Chups as brain food (if the girls will let me lol).

Have a great weekend

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Al Hannah said...

OMGOSH that's a great photo ... I love how you took it from overhead. Hehe, those girls are going to be permanent sucking on Chupa Chups now ... what lovely, kind, thoughtful grandparents x