Sunday, January 3, 2010


Welcome to Day 3 of my Project 365!

Before I share today's photo I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that stops by my blog and for all the lovely comments. I love reading all the comments, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and it truly is appreciated. So thank you all very, very much.

So this morning we went to the shops to start getting Kayla organized for Kindergarten...aka big school. All very boring until the alarms started ringing and we were told to evacuate the building. Not very scary, but a little excitement all the same. After we finished our shopping we went down to Yerrabi Ponds for a picnic. It is an urban park, but it has an adventure playground which is really cool. It also has a big pond (surprising that because it is called Yerrabi Ponds hehe), but there were black swans and ducks for the girls to watch. Many other families had the same idea about going there, but it gave a really nice family feel to day. The girls had an absolute blast playing on the swings and running around. Emily looked like a dog chasing her tail, she just kept going around in circles lol. And the day wouldn't be complete without Kayla falling over :) I think we will definitely have to visit there more often. Today's photo is of the girls walking up some stairs at the park. Kayla called the top of it her castle....I was waiting for her to call us her dirty rascals but it never happened (she loves us too much lol).

After coming home we gave the girls another ice-cream cone, which equals more mess. Okay I will be honest and say the ice-cream cone was more of a bribe to get them to want to leave the park. A Mum has to do these things sometimes.

So all in all that has been the happenings of today. We are going to having a yummy BBQ tonight and I can't wait.

Until tomorrow


Tanya said...

I think I'm going to enjoy following your Project 365 Renee! So far your photos and the stories behind them have been great. Had to laugh about the ice creams - bribery is such a good thing lol ;o)

lyn said...

wow that is an awesome photo hun, cant wait to see how you scrap that. And anouther wow i love your cards you did, are they atc cards? Just love them :D happy new year babe! xx