Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I pulled out the ten-pin bowling set for the girls. I had forgotten we had it until recently, so the girls think it is like a new Christmas present. I wasn't allowed to help set up the pins, my independent little Miss's had to do that all by themselves. I learnt today that trying to tell a 5 year old the correct way to do something is like headbutting a wall "but my way is better Mummy" ok Kayla. No matter how the pins were set up they still had a great time.

Speaking of bowling, I decided to pull out the Wii the other night and have a go at the bowling. Just for a bit of fun I thought I would give the girls as go as well. Now these girls have never played any sort of console games, they have their computer but that is about it. So I thought they would have no idea how to use it. Emily still needed my help, but after showing Kayla a few times she picked it up very quickly. I was shocked. She even managed a couple of strikes, although she is pretty wild with the remote so I had to make sure it was attached nice and snug to her wrist so the TV didn't get destroyed. Luckily for us the girls are much more interested in playing outside and with their toys, so I shouldn't get beaten by my Miss 5 too many times lol.

I am going to be doing some crafting for Kaisercraft tonight, I still love all the new products! I just have to wait for it to cool down a little bit. Until then I will have a few more flicks through the new Q3 mag.

Have a great night.
Until tomorrow


Nikki xx said...

My kids looooove their bowls too! And as for the whole little Miss 5 thing....I hear you luvvie! Belle said to me minutes ago "Do you wonder why everyone's cleverer than you!!!!!" hmmmmmm :)

Tanya said...

There's a bit to catch up as I haven't been able to get here the past few days!! Love your winter layout and the photo box is AMAZING!! Great photos too, as always :)

Al Hannah said...

Ooh I love this pic! Probably one of my favourites so far. The clarity is awesome. And I love it in B&W. Good one Renee x