Friday, January 22, 2010

Chupa Chups!

My girls are Chupa Chups. They had they first one towards the end of last year and they are hooked. Normally when I do the weekly shop I always bring the girls home a Chupa Chup which they love. Their favourite is the Strawberry and Cream one. Today we had to pop out to the shops, so the girls took their little bags with 50 cents in it and bought their own Chupa Chup. They thought they were so special handing over their little money and getting the receipt. Very cute.Ahhh Chupa Chups, certainly takes me back to my childhood.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend whatever you may be doing.
Take care


Nikki xx said...

I'm with the girls, my favourite...strawberries and cream! Too delish :)
also love how you've coloured this photo. You really are too clever xxx

Al Hannah said...

Oooh I like how you have colourised the chupa chup! I love that effect - it's really cool !