Thursday, January 14, 2010

On top of the world

Hi everyone.

How was your day today? Ours was very uneventful. We sat around and played puzzles and shop keeper's. I really need to buy the girls a cash register with fake money, so they stop playing with all my coins lol. It was a lovely cool day which meant that the girls spent a lot of it outside, which was fantastic for them and the quiet time inside didn't hurt me any either :)

Like most children, things are never as they seem. Where we see a play set lying on its side, the girls see a helicopter that is going to take them to the top of the world. This was a photo just begging to be taken.

The imagination of children amazes me every single day.

Until tomorrow


Kerryn said...

hehe LOL I didn't get it at first. Looks like something my kids would do.
Thanks for the congratulations on the HM :).

Christine said...

Love the imagination of kids! Toys R Us have little cash registers for about $10, mine love theirs!

Thank you so much for the congratulations, you're such a sweetie!